Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Anycertificate CMS?
    AnyCertificate Certificate Management System is a web based conference and training certificate management application that help conference and training organisers to issue certificate instantly with no code in a secure environment.
  • What are the Benefit of Using Anycertificate?
    There are numerous benefit of using Anycertificate. Learn about those benefit here - About Anycertificate
  • Does Anycertificate store participant certificate on the server?

    Participant certificate are generated and downloaded instantly when the the participant click download certificate button and deleted after downloaded. Its not store on the server.

  • Are my data safe in your website?
    Yes. Your data are safe in anycertificate.com

    We do not store your participant certificate on the server.
    We do not share your information with third party
    Our rebot prevent search engine from indexing your data
    Anycertificate is not built on open source script

  • Will my participant units expire, if I did not use it within a certain period of time?
    No. Your participants units will never expire, even if you did not use it for years.
  • Can I be able to brand my participant dashboard?

    Anycertificate give you full access to brand your participant dashboard with your company logo and colors